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Sworn translation

A sworn translation is an official translation that requires the signature and the seal of a sworn translator, in Spain, appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Therefore, these translations are always delivered in paper format, never through email. In them, the translator certifies that the translated document is faithful to the content of the original document.

This kind of translations is usually necessary in order to hand them over before certain authorities, such as ministries, courts or academic institutions. The types of documents that usually need a sworn translation can be of any topic. Some of the most common documents when it comes to demand a sworn translation are:

  • university degrees and education certificates
  • academic records
  • criminal record certificates
  • birth certificates
  • death certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • divorce certificates
  • powers of attorney
  • medical reports
  • adoption files
  • last wills and testaments
  • deeds


We offer sworn translations from English to Spanish and vice versa.


These translations are delivered in paper format. You can collect your translation in the address appearing in the contact information section or you can have it sent to you by certified mail, in which case you will receive the translation in the address you provide.

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